Colorado: Anti-Gun Legislation.

Colorado: Anti-Gun Legislation. In case you missed some of the weeks activities around the pendingState Capitol, Denver Colorado anti-gun legislation moving through the Colorado Legislature.

Colorado Dem To Rape Survivor: Being Raped Is Less Dangerous Than Carrying A Gun.
How does anyone even begin to this type of an argument?

Colorado anti-gun legislator has criminal record.
So State Representative Rhonda Fields (D-Aurora), is now the poster child for promoting that criminals will always obey the law?

Rape survivor Amanda Collins hits back at anti-gun state Sen. Hudak: ‘You weren’t there’
When those opposing the current proposed legislation did testify, it was moving and powerful.

Magpul: No sales to police officers unless they vow to uphold 2nd, 14th amendments.
This in addition to the ongoing issue of Colorado losing both jobs and tax revenue with the potential of Magpul leaving the state.

WHAT’S NEXT: Where Do the Gun Control Bills Go Now?
We’ll continue to follow this important story.