Colorado Legislature – The Week Ahead. 3/25/2013

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Governor John Hickenlooper (D) signed into law the most sweeping anti-gun legislation in the history of the Centennial State.

HB 1224 – Bans magazines with a capacity greater than fifteen rounds and would make a magazine with a removable floor plate illegal.

HB 1228 – Imposes a “gun tax” for a background check when purchasing a firearm.

HB 1229 – Criminalizes the private transfer of a firearm.

These new laws take effect on July 1.

If you want to tell the Governor what you think, here’s how to contact him: (click on the link you want to use)

Phone: (303) 866-2471

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To be sure you don’t miss other activities that might interest you, please click on the calendar links below to see what else is planned in the House and Senate. I continue to say you will be amazed and perplexed what our legislature spends its time doing!

Spotlight on Bill Hearings and Floor Schedule
Information on hearings and bill progress. Suggested actions and effective strategies. THIS IS NOT EVERY ACTION. PLEASE REVIEW THE CALENDARS BELOW TO DISCOVER ANY ACTIONS NOT LISTED HERE.

Monday session starts at 1:00 PM since many legislators are attending the funeral for DOC Chief Tom Clements in Colorado Springs (10 AM)


This week we are going to “take a risk” and publish the entire calendar in an abbreviated form that is easier to read than what you see with the full calendar. It will be a longer email than usual. I will let you draw your own conclusions about how the legislature fills its time. Next week, we will go back



The budget bill — the “long bill” — has no bill number until Monday when it is read across the desk and assigned to committee.

Everything else is laid over until Tuesday.



HB 1139 the repeal of obsolete entities.

HB 1221 standards for the audit of pharmacies.

SB 158 preparation of cost-benefit analysis of proposed rules of executive branch agencies

HB 1147 Voter registration facilitated by state institutions of higher education.

SB 205 revisions to the Colorado medicaid false claims act

HB 1223 rules regarding an insurance carrier’s requirement to submit cost information to the commissioner.

HB 1202 counseling by medicaid providers relating to medical orders for scope of treatment.

SB 201 designating of dogs and cats that are adopted from Colorado animal shelters and rescues as the state pets.

SB 191 acquisition of rights-of-way by pipeline companies.

HB 1060 raising the maximum fine that may be assessed by a municipal court.

SB 212 “Green Mortgages”- increased options for financing available through the Colorado new energy improvement district for the completion of new energy improvements


SJR 020 recognition of “Colorado Aerospace Day”.


SB 070 purchase of vehicles that operate on alternative fuels for the state motor vehicle fleet system.


SB 178 Red Rocks community college to offer a physician assistant studies program.

SB 137 improvements to prevent fraud in the medicaid program

HB 1074 reallocation of the primary care office from the prevention services division to the department of public health and environment

HB 1068 on-site inspections of medicaid providers.



1:30 PM SCR 354 Series of Committee of Reference hearings on the “Long Bill,” the 2013-2014 state budget

9:00 AM; SCR356, Monday, and Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 AM Joint House-Senate Committee on Implementation of Amendment 64




HB 1258 local government involvement with federal immigration issues.

SB 018 the use of consumer credit information by employers.

HB 1222 the expansion of the group of family members for whom Colorado employees are entitled to take leave from work under the federal “Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993”.

SB 058 parking privileges for persons with a permanent disability.

SB 023 the amount of damages that may be recovered by an injured party under the “Colorado Governmental Immunity Act”.

HB 1111 regulation of naturopathic doctors

SB 116 the authority of forensic psychologists to conduct mental health evaluations

SB 042 the renewal of distinguished foreign teaching physician licenses by a person ranked lower than an associate professor.


HB 1105 the energy saving mortgage program

SB 043 the prohibition against knowingly permitting removal of alcohol beverages from an

HB 1215 restricting access by minors to artificial tanning devices.

HB 1231 a prohibition against routine tail docking of dairy cattle.

SB 005 designating Fort Carson police officers as peace officers.

SB 126 access to charging facilities for electric vehicles

SB 053 transfer of available student data

SB 030 “State Administrative Procedure Act”

SB 192 extend the time permitted for action based on the results of fingerprint-based criminal history record checks.

HB 1246 property tax exemptions for nonprofit organizations.

SB 013 peace officer authority for certain employees of the United States secret service.

SB 149 repeal of the advisory committee to establish anall-payer health claims database.

HB 1250 administration of county powers to maintain the landscape.

SB 076 elimination of fees related to archived material for the legislative branch of the state.

SB 048 use of highway user tax fund moneys allocated to local governments for multi-modal transportation infrastructure.


HR 1008 creation of a House committee for the implementation of amendment 64.

HJR 1017 encouraging medical care professionals to provide perinatal bereavement services to parents who receive a fetal anomaly diagnosis.


SB 182 deceptive trade practices related to time share resale services.

SB 077 certain provisions of the Colorado probate code.

SB 184 repeal of the criminal penalties for discrimination in places of public accommodation.

SB 027 parking facilities by third parties at or near regional transportation district mass transit stations.


HB 1144 elimination of the state sales and use tax exemption for cigarettes.

HB 1081 human s**uality education for K-12.

HB 1058 guidelines for the determination of spousal maintenance.



9:00 a.m. Room SCR 356 Joint Select Committee on the Implementation of the Amendment 64 Task Force Recommendations

— Public testimony on recommendations from the Amendment 64 Task Force —

3:00 p.m.Room LSB-A State, Veterans, and Military Affairs
HB 1260 Bingo Raffle Increase Games Occasions

3:00 p.m.Room 0112 Education
SB 139 Supplemental On-line Education Services
HB 1244 Continuation Of Ed Success Task Force


7:30 a.m. Room 0112 Joint Select Committee on the Implementation of the Amendment 64 Task Force Recommendations

8:00 a.m. Room SCR 356 Capital Development Committee; Consideration of CSU Cash Project

1:30 p.m.Room LSB-A Business, Labor, Economic, & Workforce Development
HB 1262 Allow Fraud Reports To Insurance-funded Entities

1:30 p.m. Room 0112 Judiciary
HB 1264 Repeal Of The Death Penalty–For Action Only

Room 0107 Public Health Care & Human Services


7:30 a.m. Room SCR 352 Committee to Investigate a Complaint under Joint Rule 36–Witness Testimony

8:00 a.m. Room 0107 Joint House Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources and Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Energy

–Presentation on the State Capitol’s geothermal heating and cooling system–Black Footed Ferret Reintroduction in Colorado: Colorado Cattlemen’s Association

8:30 a.m. Room LSB-A Appropriations
SB 194 Repeal Low-income Telephone Assistance Program

Upon Adjournment Room 0107 Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources

HB 1268 Mineral Estate Disclosure Real Property Sale

Upon Adjournment Room 0112 Education
HB 1211 English Language Proficiency Programs

SB 071 Student ID Number For Adult Education Programs

Upon Adjournment Room LSB-A State, Veterans, and Military Affairs

HB 1235 Valuations Of Property Prior To State Purchase

1:30 p.m.Room LSB-A Finance
SB 199 Higher Education Revenue Bond Intercept Program

HB 1265 Enter Zone Bus Facility Employee Tax Credit

HB 1272 RTD & SCFD Sales & Use Tax Base

SB 171 Sunset Continue Licensing Of Money Transmitters

HB 1267 Increase Maximum Penalty Oil Gas Violations

1:30 p.m. Room 0112 Transportation & Energy

SB 186 Updating Requirements New Building Technologies

HB 1240 Penalties For Persistent Drunk Drivers


7:30 a.m. Room SCR 356 Joint Select Committee on the Implementation of the Amendment 64 Task Force Recommendations–Continued committee consideration of recommendations from the Amendment 64 Task Force

7:45 a.m. Room 0112 Joint House Transportation & Energy and Senate Transportation

Upon Adjournment, Room LSB-A Finance

SB 151 Review Massage Therapists

SB 159 Sunset Division Of Financial Services 2024

Upon Adjournment, Room 0107 Local Government

HB 1261 Fort Lyon Correctional Facility Prop

Upon Adjournment Room 0112 Transportation & Energy

Room LSB-A Business, Labor, Economic, & Workforce Development

SB 154 Sunset Continue Division Of Banking

SB 155 Sunset Board Of Real Estate Appraisers

SB 156 Sunset Bd Of Mortgage Loan Originators

SB 161 Sunset Licensing Architects Engineers Surveyors

1:30 p.m. Room 0107 Health, Insurance & Environment
HB 1266 Health Insurance Alignment Federal Law

1:30 p.m. Room Old Supreme Court Chambers Judiciary
SB 195 No On-line Training For Concealed Handgun Permits

SB 197 No Firearms For Domestic Violence Offenders

*Dates and times are subject to last-minute change by the committee chairman. Be sure to check the calendar above.
State Assembly Bills
Bookmark these links and check daily to see what is going on… it changes so you have to check often. Give it a quick once-over now… you will be appalled at what is going on! Also, don’t be fooled by a bill’s title.

Senate Bill Calendar
House Bill Calendar

PLEASE REFER TO PREVIOUS ISSUES FOR OTHER BILLS. there are too many to do a blow-by-blow on every bill!

Colorado Republican Business Coalitions (CRBC) bills of interest. (click here for details)

SB 030: Additional Review of Rules Promulgated by Agencies

SB 020: Business Fiscal Impacts

SB 052: Transit-Oriented Development Claims

SB 136: Business Personal Property Tax Exemption with Opt Out

HB 1106: Prohibit Discrimination Labor Union Participation

HB 1107: Prohibit Collective Bargaining Public Employees

HB 1019: Regulatory Reform Act

HB 1069: Small Business Impact Statement required for all bills

HB 1174: Business Personal Property Tax Exemptions

HB 1177: Business Personal Property Tax Exemption

HB 1189: Exempt Business Personal Property purchased in 2014


HB 1001: Advanced Industries Accelleration Act

HB 1002: Small Business Development Centers

HB 1003: Economic Gardening Pilot Project

HB 1004: Colorado Careers Act

HB 1005: Basic Ed &Career & Tech Ed Pilot Program

HB 1030: Transportation Commission Members

HB 1136: Job Protection Civil Rights Enforcement Act

HB 1193: Advanced Industries Export Acceleration Program

HB 1222: Family Medical Leave

HB 1227: Income Protection Act

SB 213: Future School Finance Act

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners) Gun related bills (click here for details)


SB 140: No Federal laws for firearms- HELD OVER

HB 1085: Change Possession of Weapons by Previous Offender


HB 1043: Definition of a deadly weapon

HB 1224: High Capacity Magazine Ban

HB 1226: Campus Carry Ban

HB 1228: Increase Tax for Gun Purchase to cover Background Check

HB 1229: Mass Registration on all gun purchases

SB 196: Assault Weapons ban

SB 197: Prohibition of gun possession while under a restraining order (domestic violence)

SB 195: Prohibit online training for concealed carry qualification

No Bill Number assigned: Government oversight of personal mental health records;

Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) (more here)


SB 066 Taxpayer Abortion Separation Act

SB 146 Board of Assessment Appeals

SB 173 Gaming tax sunset

SB 199 whether bonds issued by a state-supported institution of higher education qualify for the higher education revenue bond intercept program.

HB 1042 State Income Tax Deduction Disallowed

HB 1078 Repeal Colorado Health Benefits Exchange

HB 1092 Limit Executive Branch Expenditures for Professional Organization Memberships

HB 1128 Exclude Clean Counties from Enhance Emission Area

HB 1173 Reduce Approp For Legislative Liaison Salaries.

HB 1174 Personal Property Tax Exemptions

HB 1177 Business Personal Property Tax exemption

HB 1146 Property tax exemptions for nonprofit organizations


SB 048 Authorize Local Gov’t Use of HUTF for Transit

SB 050 Recycle Resources Economic Opportunity

SB 108 Mid-year School Finance Adjustments

SB 127 Sales Tax Revenue to Older Coloradans Cash Fund

SB 148 Continuation of Colorado Youth Advisory Council

SB 160 Continue Dental Advisory Committee

SB 163 Continue Committee on HEaring in Newborn Infants

SB 174 Continue Food Systems Advisory Council

SB 200 Medicaide Expansion

SB 212 colorado new energy improvement 103 district for mortgages requiring consent for subordination.

SB 213 financing of public schools, and, in connection therewith, creating the “public school finance act”

HB 1080 Aircraft Manufacturers Employee Income Tax Credit

HB 1144 Concerning elimination of state sales tax for cigarettes

HB 1161 Add tax on some Rental vehicles

HB 1206 Expand local government ability to enter into agreements with taxpayers

HB 1208 Funding of Creative Districts

HB 1212 Allow local Govt to form Job Creation Districts

HB 1216 Incentives for Renewable energy projects

HB 1228 Increase Tax for Gun Purchase to cover Background Check

HB 1234 Allow state to enter into lease purchase agreements.

HB 1252 Petroleum cleanup and redevelopment fund.

HB 1247 innovative motor vehicle income tax credit.

HB 1253 assess the availability of capital for small businesses in Colorado.

HB 1245 funding colorado health benefit exchange.

HB 1142 “urban and rural enterprise zone act”.

Principles of Liberty has a detailed listing and discussion of most bills. This is an exceptional analysis because they highlight the Principles of Liberty (!) on which their opinion is based Check it out!

This is how I recommend you use this information:

1. Click on the calendar links above

2. Scroll down to find the bill numbers that interest you or are “called out” by one of the organizations above. Go to the links for that organization’s “bill watch” to read the background and discussion about the bill.

3. Note the date and time of any activities related to the bill

4. Note the bill sponsors

5. Start making calls and writing letters; plan to attend the hearings.

6. Get all your associates and friends involved.

Legislators and races to watch.
(click on these links to connect directly to your state legislative reps) Want to know what they look like? click here



SD22 Kerr (must run again for a full term);

SD16 Nicholson

SD20 Jahn

SD 5 Schwartz

SD 24 Tochtrop

SD11 Morse

SD 3 Giron


HD 59 McLanahan

HD 26 Mitsch Bush

HD 28 Petterson

HD 31 Salazar

HD 32 Moreno

HD 11 Singer

HD 23 Tyler

HD 62 Vigil

HD 50 Young

Races we are considering highlighting:

HD 33 Primavera

HD 35 Peniston

Thanks to Danny Stroud and the good folks at Liberty Tracker for their work in compiling all this information.