CPAC Rejects Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller has been a presence at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference for as long as I’ve been going, but this year, she’s been ousted and all the fingers are pointing at Suhail Khan and Grover Norquist:

I won’t be at CPAC this year. Every year AFDI organizes a must-see event, addressing issues that the Grover Norquist/Suhail Khan cabal refuse to address (jihad, sharia, the war on freedom in the West).

This year, I applied to speak and was ignored. I tried to get a room for an AFDI event, “The War on Free Speech,” and was ignored. So, for the first time in five years, I won’t be at CPAC. Last year Suhail Khan bragged out loud that he (and his other operatives) had successfully kept Robert Spencer and me from being invited to speak. He went so far as to warn people not to attend our events or read our books.

In several articles I took on Grover Norquist and his powerful influence over CPAC, most notably here and here. As soon as I published my Newsmax column concerning his perfidious influence at CPAC, my Newsmax column was taken down and my name and picture were removed from the Newsmax page….. it was two slots away from Grover’s. My weekly column never appeared at Newsmax again. It was axed.

Now this. I might add, every AFDI event at CPAC was standing room only. We turned people away every year.

That’s true.  I arrived late to last year’s and couldn’t find a place to sit.

Why would they exclude her and her message?

The Right Scoop has compiled a must read post explaining it all:

I think I know why. And their names are David Keene, Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan. It is Norquist who is blamed for getting Geller kicked off of Newsmax. We will look at all the players in a bit. But first some background on an issue that was brought to the attention of FrontPage magazine on February 25, 2010. The article is titled “CPAC Shills For Islamic Terrorists.” The interview is with Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Front Page’s Jamie Glazov. I think that this interview describes perfectly the decision by CPAC to diss Geller and her group.

Read it all.

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Why, other than what is detailed above, would CPAC keep Pamela Geller away?

What happened to the idea of the big tent? We have plenty of room for the open borders and amnesty crowd, but no room for the Anti-Radical Islam folks?

This is wrong. Geller and her message need to be heard.