Make It Hurt: White House Ends Self Guided Tours

As noted yesterday, there is an agenda in the Obama Administration to make the Sequester “cuts” hurt as much as possible.

One way this is being done, right in the White House, is to end self-guided tours of the home of the president.

The key words there are “self-guided.”

After passing through security, a visitor follows a roped-off path through the public rooms of the White House. There are a few staff stationed along the way, making sure the line moves and that no one tries to cross the velvet-roped barrier.

The maintenance of the public areas of the White House is handled by the staff of the Executive Residence. Its annual budget is around $13 million and employs 96 people. Under the sequester, it has to trim around $650,000 from its budget between March 1 and September 30th.

There is no reason to end self-guided tours, except to create pain for people who hoped to visit the White House while in Washington, DC.

Team Obama knows when the House Republicans called their bluff, they had to create pain where none would be, so we get things like this.

I expect more.  If they are willing to manufacture one crisis after another, they are willing to create as much inconvenience in your life as needed.