Man Selling Jim Carrey Autographed Photo So He Can Buy a Gun






From CNS News:

The seller says in the auction description:

“I’m selling this Jim Carrey Autographed B&W 8X10 Photo (mint condition) in hopes that I sell it for enough to buy a GUN to protect my family.

“I’m thinking of getting the Glock G30S .45 ACP Pistol which retails for $640 U.S.

“Hopefully I can get at least that much for the autographed photo. If it sells for more than I’ll get a laser sight for it and take some gun safety classes and get my “concealed carry” permit.”

The seller says he lost all respect for Carrey after watching his videowhich mocks Charlton Heston and gun owners.

He’s already up to $510 for the photo, short of his goal, but he’s added a donation button to the page and some folks threw him some loot using it.

Here’s the gun he’s hoping to buy: