Mayor Bloomberg Says Your Earbuds Are Too Loud

The Nanny of New York is coming for your earbuds.

Relax, citizen.  It’s for your own good:

Mayor Bloomberg — who has already cracked down on smoking, junk food, trans fats, salt and super-sized drinks — is embarking on a new crusade: preventing New Yorkers from going deaf.

Hizzoner’s health officials are planning a social-media campaign to warn young people about the risk of losing their hearing from listening to music at high volume on personal MP3 players, The Post has learned.

“With public and private support, a public-education campaign is being developed to raise awareness about safe use of personal music players . . . and risks of loud and long listening,” said Nancy Clark, the city Health Department’s assistant commissioner of environmental-disease prevention.

The campaign, which will cost $250,000, is being financed through a grant received from the Fund for Public Health, the Health Department’s fund-raising arm.

The Hearing Loss Prevention Media Campaign will target teens and young adults, conducting focus-group interviews and using social-media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

This has to work.  After all, if it’s one thing kids will do, it’s listen to old folks in positions of authority when they tell them how to live their lives, especially regarding the volume of their music.

"Open the door right now, young man! It's Mayor Bloomberg!"
“Open the door right now, young man! It’s Mayor Bloomberg and the Ear Bud Compliance Authority!”

Meanwhile, it must be wonderful to live in a city like New York, where all the really big problems have been solved and government can focus on things like this.