Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Dark Of Night.

Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Dark Of Night Will Stay The USPS From The Public Trough. The never ending continuing saga of a failed government enterprise.

Since they lost $16 billion (yes billion with a b) in 2012, the obvious choice is to cut Saturday mail delivery.
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According to reports the USPS saw a five percent decrease in the number of pieces of mail processed from 2009 – 2011. That decrease showed up in an operating loss for the USPS of $5.067 billion in 2011. Add to that loss the failure in 2012 of the USPS to meet two postal pension benefit payments. Those payments were for future postal retirees’ health benefits totaling $11.1 billion. Currently those payments to the U.S. Treasury are still in default.

Historically the competition problems that the USPS has not been able to overcome have come from FedEx, the Internet, and United Parcel Service (UPS). Piling on to the USPS woes, banks which featuring electronic payments, and the federal government who, beginning this year will stop mailing Social Security and other benefit checks, opting for direct deposit to reciepients banks or debit cards.

Illogica: Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Dark Of Night Will Stay The USPS From The Public Trough

“This has been out since July of last year but I saw it for the first time this morning: The website hosting the ‘save the mails’ appeal has the creepy Obamaistic name of Delivering For America. To hear this, you would think that Congress is just picking on a perfectly good, financially sound organization. Well, …

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