Obama Governs By Executive Fiat.

2012 Ballot
2012 Ballot (Photo credit: paulswansen)

Obama Governs By Executive Fiat.

Earlier this week, President Obama signed the following Executive Order: Executive Order — Establishment of the Presidential Commission of Election Administration.

President Obama seems to be fond of the use of the executive pen in the assignment and creation of Executive Orders. By all outward appearances this is an end run around the will and desires of the people and voters of the United States. This is also an additional layer of government bureaucracy, duplicating existing federal and state agencies, as well as constitutional mandates.

Could it be that the Obama Administration and it’s minions believe that The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 isn’t doing it’s job effectively?

In the 2012 Presidential Election we had the following voting issues:

With the start of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, some 150 miles to the east, a Raleigh, North Carolina based group finding 30,000 dead people still on the North Carolina voter rolls provides an interesting subtext the the weeks events.

Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana contends that Justice Department officials haven’t fairly enforced the law — called the National Voter Registration Act.

Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz wants state law that allows election officials to remove people from voter registration lists if their citizenship is questioned.

In Miami-Dade County, Florida, a hacker exploited the online process to order more than 2,500 ballots.

Prosecutors in Milwaukee County have charged ten people with voter fraud during the 2012 election, including two “double voters” and two felons who were ineligible to vote.

And just in case you’ve forgotten we continue to have an inconsistent Voter ID requirement all across the United States. However ID’s are required for such extraneous tasks as:

Adoption Agency

Applying for a business license

Applying for permission to hold a protest or rally

Buying Beer, Wine, or Liquor

Buying cigarettes

Collecting your lottery winnings.

Donating to your local Blood Bank

Entry to Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law building

Entry to the Department of Justice

Getting a bank account

Hospital Services

Michelle Obama Book Signing

NAACP Requires Photo I.D. to See Holder Speak

Pawn Shop

Pharmacy Services

Purchasing a gun at your local gun shop

Purchasing a house or other real estate

Purchasing OTC medicine that contains pseudoephedrine

Renting a motor vehicle

Renting an apartment

School Registration

Securing employment

Social Security Office

State Division of Motor Vehicles

TSA requirement for flying at any U.S. Airport

Writing a Check. (for those of you old school types.)

Seeing as this ongoing issue is a solution in search of a problem, let’s take a moment. Why not let those who are directly involved in the election and voting process, those at the state and local level, find and implement solutions.

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