Obama’s $100,000 Per Year Labor Lawyers Paid With YOUR Taxes NOT to Work for You

-By Warner Todd Huston

We’ve discussed the abuses of Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) many times here, of course, but now we have yet another bit of news that should outrage you. Obama is wasting hundreds of thousands a year to pay union-supporting lawyers to work for the NLRB. Even as he’s claiming he’ll have to fire teachers and cut the pay of janitors, Obama is paying hundreds of thousands to union-favoring lawyers who are apparently not even expected to do any work the the American people who are paying their salaries with tax dollars.

These high-paid lawyers are paid with your tax dollars not to work for the US government, but to work on what is euphemistically called “official time.” This is the disgusting practice of paying people with tax dollars to work for unions, not for the taxpayers.

The wasteful spending was found by the good folks at NetRightDaily and Mark Tapscott at the Examiner. (NRD’s website was down at the posting of this)

“These are employees whose official job is to handle internal NLRB union activities exclusively, rather than carrying out any of the NLRB’s official responsibilities,” NetRightDaily’s Brad Tidwell.

“Bert Pearlston, General Attorney (Labor) for the NLRB, made $141,726.00 per year, and Steven Sloper, Labor Management Relations Examiner made $116,240.00. With the national median salary at $40,300 and unemployment of 7.9%, jobs like these would be highly sought in the private sector,” Tidwell said.

Other NLRB employees are also paid official time for part-time work on union matters, for an amount totalling in excess of $510,000, according to Tidwell, who also found that NLRB is the federal agency with the highest per-capita use of official time among all federal departments and agencies.

If you want to find places to cut federal waste, here is a good start. Fire these useless government leeches at the NLRB.