Saturday Morning Data Dump – Gun Control

Kids Today - Guns@Easter
Kids Today – Guns@Easter (Photo credit: techfun)

It’s Saturday Morning and Easter weekend as well. A few items to ponder and discuss during those awkward moments of silence during the weekend.

First up a quote from Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy:


Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy said that after the next mass shooting incident, members of Congress will be forced to explain why they did not act.

“People in the Congress of the United States don’t want to do this,” Malloy said. “And I think they’ll get some things done on trafficking, school safety perhaps, some of the background checks loopholes — but not all of them. Each time that that happens, we’ll continue to have this debate.”…

“Thirty-three Americans are going to continue to be murdered with guns each day and every day until Congress acts, and they are going to be hearing about it much more than they were six months ago,” Glaze said. “Reality No. 2 is that there will be another mass shooting, and when there is, people who refuse to do the easy things are going to have a lot of explaining to do.”

“After the next mass shooting incident”… Really Governor? So your expecting another one when? Secondly, Congress is the only body who can correct this perceived problem? Also, how are, limiting the size of gun magazines, making law abiding citizens pay for background checks, going to prevent what you state as an inevitability?

President Obama to travel to Denver to promote his (anti) gun control message.

There are few if any details yet and once again the president will be flying out here to Denver to attempt to promote and gather even more support for his (anti) gun control message. Seeing as Colorado Governor Hickenlooper signed three restrictive anti gun and anti Second Amendment bills recently, the president figures he’s in safe territory.

A journalistic blinding flash of the obvious. (BFO)

This past week Kentucky Senator Rand Paul stated the obvious for everyone to grasp. Now, most of if not all of us who support the Second Amendment were well aware of this fact all along. So where is the main stream media, calling out the rich, famous and well to do, on their hypocrisy?

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