THE NRA 500: NRA Swings Big, Sponsors Texas NASCAR Race


Get ready for the NRA 500 in Texas! The National Rifle Association is going all in with a primary sponsorship of NASCAR’s title race in Texas. The sponsorship comes as Samsung Mobile declined to renew their contract for the title. The announcement was met with harsh criticism from a small group of regressive minded liberal political elite, but for the most part the partnership is widely being embraced.

Gossage said TMS and the NRA reach similar audiences and that he expects a lot of tickets being bought by NRA members and people who support the group’s position.

“Obviously we know the NRA well and I can tell you from just looking at the demographics, I can tell you from the social media that I’ve been sitting here monitoring since that announcement was made, it’s probably 99 percent supportive. Some wildly supportive,” he said. “The public, it doesn’t seem to be they’re going to have any issue with it, and I’m not sure why anybody would think they would.

The NRA and NASCAR is a match for the ages. The two entities share a very targeted, very active demographic and the partnership should be fruitful for both.