What Sequester? Kerry Gives Egypt $250 Million

"Look, I know your kid is sick now, but Egypt needed that money more than he needed that vaccine, ok?" (Photo:  cliff1066™/Flickr)
“Look, I know your kid is sick now, but Egypt needed that money more than he needed that vaccine, ok?” (Photo: cliff1066™/Flickr)
Last week, the Obama administration wanted the country to think the Sequester was going to ruin their lives.  Teachers would lose their jobs.  Firemen wouldn’t be on the job.  Police would only get one bullet.

And don’t forget about the other 169,999,997 jobs that would be lost because we gutted the federal budget didn’t increase the spending an additional $85 billion. And it isn’t even that much.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, it’s actually about $42 billion this year. That’s still a big number, which is part of a much bigger budget, so it may be a little hard to understand how the cut will impact the overall budget.

Look at it this way:

That means that politicians will have to cut a little more than a penny out of every dollar that it spends this year.

It’s hardly a catalyst for Armageddon.

But that’s the song Team Obama sang all last week.

Which makes me wonder: if the “cuts” in the Sequester are so bad kids aren’t going to be vaccinated, why are we giving Egypt $250 million?

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday rewarded Egypt for President Mohammed Morsi’s pledges of political and economic reforms by releasing $250 million in American aid to support the country’s “future as a democracy.”

Yet Kerry also served notice that the Obama administration will keep close watch on how Morsi, who came to power in June as Egypt’s first freely elected president, honors his commitment and that additional U.S. assistance would depend on it.

Well, if Kerry and the Obama administration is going to keep a close eye on Morsi, I feel a whole lot better about that money not being used to police our streets. It’s much better it’s used to police Tahir Square, like this:

Think of all the tear gas these “peace officers” can buy from us now.

Meanwhile, kids in America are going hungry, and it’s all the Republicans fault, or something.