What Sequester? Washington cries “nothing left to cut”

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What Sequester? Washington cries “nothing left to cut” as billions go to waste. A prime example of just how clueless our elected representatives are in dealing with the Sequestration.



Washington cries “nothing left to cut” as billions go to waste


We’ve heard the same line from big-spenders in Washington time and time again: ‘There’s nothing left to cut!’

The White House and members of Congress have been quick to tell us that it’s ‘impossible’ to endure the $85 billion in cuts from the sequester without serious damage to essential services and the economy – but it seems like every day we see another story about taxpayer dollars going down the federal drain in instances of waste, abuse, fraud, and mismanagement. The Washington Guardian is now reporting that a massive $2.2 billion in ‘mistaken’ payments were made from the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2012.

That’s fully half the amount the Navy was required to cut following the sequester.

Americans should not go without essential services, earned benefits, or the protection of our military before Washington wrings out every penny it loses to waste and malfeasance.

It’s time to demand responsible cuts from Washington. They can spare the change.

(Via Bankrupting America.)

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