George Soros Dropped Almost $7 Million on Anti-Gun Agenda

Who?  Bloomberg? Peasant.
Who? Bloomberg? Peasant.

Move over Nanny Bloomberg!

You’re investment looks like chump change to the real leftist puppet master:

Five U.S. gun control groups have received almost $7 million combined from liberal billionaire George Soros, including the most prominent one, the Brady Campaign.

The Soros contributions to these five groups total an astounding $6,727,966 between 2000 and 2011.

Those five groups are:

  • The American Bar Association, who received $4,093,946 
  • The Brady Campaign, who received $50,000
  • The Children’s Defense Fund, $550,000
  • The League of Women Voters, $2,028,020
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility, a measly $5,000

Remember this sometime some leftists starts complaining about all the rich Republicans and bemoaning the money in politics.

If we had a limited government, there wouldn’t be a need for so much money in Washington.