What Sequester? Feds Dropping $152,000 to Study Voice Therapy for Transgenders

No, FAA, you can’t have more air traffic controllers.

The federal government has to spend that money studying voice therapy for transgenders:

I can't get a job because my voice gives me away. (Photo: DeityProvident/Flickr)
I can’t get a job because my voice gives me away. (Photo: DeityProvident/Flickr)

The federal government is spending $152,000 to study “voice therapy” for transgenders, saying it is incumbent to being “accepted as one’s preferred gender.”

“This study will illuminate the capabilities of the human larynx and inform the relationship between voice production and perception,” states a National Institutes of Health (NIH)grant, awarded to George Washington University.  “The long term goal of this research is to inform and provide new directions for Transgender (TG) voice care, thereby improving the lives of TG people who feel their voice is a great obstacle to living as their preferred gender.”

“Incomplete gender presentation can negatively impact the TG individual’s job opportunities, relationships, and social acceptance,” the study explains.


The FAA went ahead with the furloughs on Sunday, citing the automatic budget cuts that went into effect last month. Some delays appeared in the late evening in and around New York, and according to the FAA were spreading on Monday.

The FAA said in a statement that travelers can expect to see “a wide range of delays that will change throughout the day depending on staffing and weather related issues.” It cited “staffing challenges” at airports in Dallas-Fort Worth, Jacksonville, New York and Los Angeles.

“The FAA is working with the airlines throughout the day to try and minimize delays for travelers,” the statement said.

Last week, the FAA confirmed that it was going ahead with the furloughs despite testimony from the head of the Transportation Security Administration that the TSA had been able to avoid furloughs in that agency.