NBC News has released a news report on the Benghazi inquiry, specifically dealing with the talking points that evolved over the days following the attack.

The question of the day is, “how involved was the State Department in rewriting the talking points in the days following the attack?” One detail seems to find agreement among the various media outlets – while email exchanges were taking place between the CIA, the White House and the State Department, it was the State Department who insisted on the revisions.

One of the revisions was the deletion of the phrase “terrorist attack.” Another referred to previous warnings the State Department had received concerning the risk of attack in Benghazi. Why is the Obama administration so intent on avoiding any reference to “terrorist attacks” in relationship to Benghazi? Are they in denial that it was an act of terrorism? Or do they know something otherwise which they have yet to reveal?

As for the warnings, why were they not followed up? One email spoke to the fact the failure to act could have been used against the White House politically. The only reason they should be concerned in this way is if they knew the truth would come back to haunt them should it become public knowledge.

One truth has become public knowledge and it is coming back to haunt those involved. That truth is there was a barrage of untruths released by someone in the Obama administration. Yet the White House continues to take great effort in pushing Benghazi out of the spotlight and accuses the Republican Party of politicizing the matter.

President Obama likes to speak of the public being bamboozled by misinformation. He used the phrase today while once again campaigning for Obamacare. It would be more accurate to say the White House bamboozles the public with false information.

The American public must not allow the truth about Benghazi to go away. If so, the culprits go free and the truth remains hidden. The White House would prefer such an outcome in which, we the people, would remain none the wiser. That is evident through the monumental effort put forth to cover up the truth.

However, the questions are not going away. The news media including FOX, NBC, ABC and other outlets are beginning to investigate the facts. John Boehner has called for the White House to release all emails related to the incident. Lindsey Graham is calling for Hillary Clinton to return and provide further testimony before Congress.