Stockholm citizens are outraged that Muslim students have infiltrated Sweden, taken social services and money, then turned on the country by rioting and burning things to the ground.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 11.30.42 AMAs reported by The Local.

The unrest began shortly after 10pm in Husby, northwestern Stockholm where the riots began on Sunday night. Youths gathered in the town square, some of them masked.

Hagsätra in southern Stockholm came under fire at roughly the same time. A police patrol was attacked, and one officer was taken to hospital with serious injuries to the head.

By 2am, Stockholm’s fire service had attended 75-80 incidents across the city. Much of their work was delayed by youths throwing stones at them, meaning police were left to attend to the stone-throwers to allow the fire fighters access to the fires.

A restaurant went up in flames in Skogås, southern Stockholm. Police labelled the crime as aggravated arson.

Why this is not being reported by mainstream media is puzzling. It’s possible the fact that Muslims are beginning to turn on Western countries goes against the general narrative embraced by media.

Reality is reality, though, and media has a duty to report on it.