ObamaPPPlanned Parenthood is far from being defunded. In fact, under Obama’s Affordable Care Act several of the 750 Planned Parenthood clinics will be covered by insurance, reports the Examiner.

This is because under Obamacare, insurance companies are required to expand their networks to cover “essential community providers.”  The department of Health and Human Services released a list of different community providers that are acceptable. The list includes: 480 Planned Parenthood clinics, almost 100 AIDS clinics, family planning facilities, as well as lesbian and gay centers.

This will impose a new demand on insurance companies, not to mention taking away yet another obstacle to abortion on demand. In an interview one Wisconsin insurance provider said that they have never covered this sort of thing and they don’t know if it will raise prices.

While Obamacare does not provide insurance for abortions, by funding the biggest abortion provider in the nation, many are concerned that it will easily lead to an expansion of abortion coverage.

According to Politico this is only a widening of Planned Parenthood’s already integral role in Obamacare. Apparently, the abortion clinic chain is expected to serve as a navigation guide to help sign Americans up for Obamacare.

How did Planned Parenthood get this role? Obama asked them in the first speech ever given to the group by a sitting president. In the speech he said, “There are still those who want to turn back the clock to policies more suited to the ’50s than the 21st century.”