blockedUPDATE: Facebook emailed me, admitted a Facebook employee had initiated the removal of the shared content and that it was a mistake for my account to be blocked. While Facebook says it was an “accident,” this confirms it was an actual employee who yanked the link and banned my account for a 24 hour period.

My account has been reinstated, but the question still remains… who did this and why?


My name is Eric Odom and I’m the Managing Director of LibertyNEWS.com. To my knowledge I’ve never been “blocked” by Facebook and have never done anything that would¬†coherently¬†warrant such an action. At least, this would be the case in a common sense world.¬†Unfortunately common sense does not exist at Facebook. Either that or a very strong political agenda is driving the Facebook machine.

You see, as of today I am banned from my Facebook account for 24 hours. Why? Because I shared a link via my personal profile that essentially quoted a Huffington Post story. A Huffington Post story that has been shared on Facebook more than 2,300 times. I was banned for sharing a story that adds countering commentary to the Huffington Post story.

Here’s the messages Facebook gave me when I attempted to login this morning.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 7.47.04 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 7.47.21 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 7.48.22 AM

Really? I’m blocked out of Facebook? I must have done something terribly wrong! What did I do?

I shared a link to this on my personal Facebook profile. The story brings attention to a Huffington Post story calling for pro-abortion women to refuse to have sex until men agree to go along with their abortion desires. The story is posted on MenRec.com, a site that LibertyNEWS.com manages and considers part of our network.

MenRec.com added five sentences to the story. The rest was quoted from Huffington Post. According to the actual Huffington Post story, more than 2,300 people have “shared” the story on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 8.08.46 AM

In other words, Facebook was perfectly fine with thousands of people sharing the Huffington Post story. Facebook will not tolerate people sharing a story that counters the Huffington Post story.

This is clear and blatant political censorship. I get that Facebook is a for-profit company and can do what they want, but at this point it’s becoming abundantly clear that what they want is to silence opposition to a radical leftist agenda.