We’ve monitored this Anthony Weiner scandal since it began. It was terrible, creepy and nasty back when he was still in Congress. It was terrible, creepy and nasty after he resigned from Congress, and it continues to be terrible, creepy and nasty today.

It’s astonishing this guy is still poised to pick up a good half of the votes in the New York Dem primary. This is a man who shouldn’t be allowed within 300 yards of a school, much less given the keys to the city. Weiner is a pervert and a weirdo. An embarrassment for New York City to say the least. Yet, half the Democrat primary voters are still willing to give him a vote?

We could report on this from the same direction as our colleagues across the news realm, but most of that has already been covered. That said, we decided to point at the madness for what it is. We decided to do so with satire and the power of video. presents… NEW YORK WEINER ROLL!