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On Medicare? Trying to find a doctor? Good luck. Medicare patients are already starting to feel the impact of Obamacare. 

It seems that Medicare may be failing. If it continues to slide in this direction, where will all of its’ recipients go? It is likely they will be forced to use Obamacare instead. Could this be the ultimate goal of the Obama Administration?

Since last year, more doctors have started reducing the number of Medicare patients they will accept. Even worse, 9,539 doctors have chosen to opt out of the Medicare program completely, reports The California Health Line.

Why are doctors becoming so wary to accept Medicare patients? You guessed it- Obamacare.

Doctors who accept Medicare patients are already buried under a tremendous load of paper work and have trouble getting fully reimbursed, reports The California Health Line.

Under Obamacare, doctors are concerned they will not be reimbursed.  The Congressional Budget office estimates that Obamacare will reduce Medicare reimbursements by $716 billion over the next ten years, reports Money Mornings.

Doctors are already anticipating these changes. “Family physicians have been fed up for a long time and it’s getting worse,”  said Jeffrey Cain, president of the American  Academy of Family Physicians. In fact, from 2010-2011 one-third of primary-care doctors did not accept new Medicaid patients.

If Medicare patients can not find doctors they may be forced to use Obamacare. This will only further centralize the healthcare system, a system that should be decentralized and privatized.

The consequences of a government run healthcare system is already being felt. It is hard to imagine how severe the pain will be once Obamacare has fully descended upon the American public.