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ObamaCare – is it too bad to fail? Well, if it isn’t already, it may soon be.

At the risk of raising your blood pressure, or aggravating an ulcer, we must ask and answer the sickening question – is ObamaCare too bad to fail? Sorry, friends, but it’s a serious inquiry, despite it’s seeming absurdity…too bad to fail?

C’mon, something this unworkable, this unwieldy, this unpredictable, so massive, expensive, intrusive, so disruptive, so threatening to our individual rights and our privacy, how can something this bad not fail?

Many opponents of the President’s health care reform law – or health care takeover – argue, reasonably, that ObamaCare will collapse under its own weight. That with all the problems cropping up – delays, funding concerns, union complaints, public disapproval, insurance premium increases, doctor shortages, small business outcries – with all these and more problems, ObamaCare is, in fact, a train wreck, that will inevitably run off the rails, crash and burn and go away. So, those of us who rail against the beast can relax and let nature take its course, right…?

We must consider how the ObamaCare beast masters view failure and success…what O-Care supporters and loyalists feel should and will happen. Just because the anti-Obamacare forces see the train wreck as an obvious fail doesn’t mean the beast masters and their followers think that way.

Yes, the Obama administration is reaching out to pro athletes and pop culture icons and hollywood celebs to get on board and pitch the marvels of ObamaCare to the masses, to their blindly adoring fans. Yes, we may see that as a sign of desperation, a sign that the much-needed buy-in and sign-up by the young and the healthy isn’t happening, thus threatening the already flimsy funding scheme.

Yes, report after report foretells of premium rate shock that will cause even more people to opt out and rise up against the machine. Yes, there are indications that many democrat politicians are fearful of the 2014 elections and voter rejection of O-care, therefore big democrat losses come November of next year…but….

Before November of next year comes January of next year, New Year’s day, 2014, the day the government will begin subsidizing health insurance for millions of Americans. The day the ObamaCare train wreck becomes a gravy train delivering redistributed billions to Obamatons and others with their hands out and their mouths open.

The day people begin receiving that entitlement is the day the ObamaCare battle lines will be redrawn…radically redrawn. And should ObamaCare actually crash our whole health care system, then the government will have to step in with emergency measures…government takeover, government control. And this is what the staunch supporters of Obama and his law understand.

This is what ObamaCare opponents must also understand. Just because all signs say that ObamaCare is a train wreck barreling off the cliff of inevitable destruction…once the new year rings in, the fate of obamacare, or some beastly mutation, may locked in. It may be so bad that Obama or his successor will be forced to take drastic action to fix drastic problems…to bail out healthcare. It may be too bad to fail.

That’s the bad news. The good news is we still have time to fight, time to find and promote the people to lead the fight, before ObamaCare really does become TOO BAD TO FAIL.