Could Obamacare cause the government to shutdown?

Obamacare has become a heated debate especially since it set to be implemented in less than 80 days. Many conservatives believe that Obamacare will not work and will only expand the federal government’s grip on the American people. For these reasons, Senator Cruz and other conservative lawmakers have suggested that Congress defund Obamacare.

While Congress will still have the power to pass the Continuing Resolution (CR) and continue providing funds for all other government activities, Obamacare would not receive government funding, according to The Forge.

Some think that this is a brilliant idea. Others, however, have expressed concern that it could possibly lead to a government shutdown.

How so?

Simply put, Democrats could get very upset that Obamacare is no longer being funded by the government and may refuse to pass the Continuing Resolution, which could cause a government shutdown. If this happens, Democrats will likely shift the blame saying that it’s the Republicans’ fault.

Republicans run the risk of receiving the blame if the CR does not pass. However, if it doesn’t pass, most likely it’s because the Democrats voted it down, not the Republicans.

If there is a government shutdown will Cruz and other conservatives regret their actions. Not likely.

Many conservatives would rather have a government shutdown then fund Obamacare. Why? Simple- a government shutdown actually happens every week- it’s called the weekend. A government shutdown only means that non-essential services stop, just like they do on the weekends, reports The Forge.

However, what does funding Obamacare mean?

It means more debt, a bigger deficit, more hindrances to small businesses, and likely an inefficiently run, centralized healthcare system.

I don’t know about you, but I’m with the option that gets me less government spending and less government growth.