Does your cable lineup now include a news network with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood? Is an MSNBC show host confusing godliness with government? And has a champion of defund and defang set his sights on the White House?

      First, Al Jazeera America launches big on US cable and satellite systems. Starting in almost half the country’s 100 million available homes, Al Jazeera America is the most ambitious TV news venture since Fox News Channel signed on in 1996.
      But many observers wonder about Al Jazeera’s “news” integrity – whether the network will skew and slant with more of a Muslim-friendly or veiled Islamist message. You see, Al Jazeera is owned and controlled by the Middle Eastern nation of Qatar, one of two Arab kleptocracies in the Persian Gulf. The network’s founders, themselves with close ties to the Brotherhood, have long attempted to gain influence in the U.S. They bought their way in with the purchase of Al Gore’s Current TV for the highly inflated price of $500 million.
      Keep in mind that Al Jazeera programming – to be fronted by well-known US media types hired away from American news organizations – doesn’t have to depend on audience ratings for its survival. Paid commercials won’t be all that important, because Al Jazeera America can tap the virtually unlimited financial resources of the nation of Qatar, immensely wealthy with its vast oil and gas reserves.
      So now, an Arab-controlled news network with Muslim Brotherhood connections and with a very large footprint has a powerful foothold inside the United States.
      Other media news, MSNBC is shifting Shultzie back to weeknights. After a short banishment to weekend obscurity, the ever-wacky Ed Schultz is moving to a Monday through Friday hour…and he’s marking his return with a bombastic blast at Christians. According to the fiery lib talker, you’re a phony Christian if you refuse to support ObamaCare.
      If you’re a Christian who doesn’t whole heartedly support Obama’s health care takeover scheme, you’re phony, hypocritical, misguided, immoral even…in the gospel according to Ed.
       The latest Ed Schultz rant is par for the course with so many on the looney left who confuse and conflate godliness with government. Christian charity with federal force. The goodness of compassion with the badness of compelling anyone to turn over their property to others because you somehow believe its the right of the collective to claim and confiscate what rightfully belongs to individuals.
       And one of the lawmakers leading the charge to defund ObamaCare – one of the few who are standing firm in the fight – Ted Cruz is reportedly gearing up for a presidential bid. Insiders say the Texas Senator is getting evermore serious about a run for the White House…putting his birth house in order, among other moves.
      In response to a recent flurry of questions about his eligibility, Cruz has released his birth certificate, showing he was born in Canada to an American mother, giving him dual citizenship. The 42-year old Texan says he will renounce his Canadian citizenship.
       Cruz, Lee of Utah and Florida’s Rubio are the three conservative warriors leading what some now consider to be the Charge of the Right Brigade, as they do battle with Democrats as well as many in their own GOP who criticize, even condemn the defund campaign.