Eric Holder’s Justice Department finally charged a suspect in the Benghazi attacks!

If you’re thinking this charge is too good to be legitimate, you’re probably right – here are a few problems with Holder’s announcement.

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First, the charge is levied against Ahmed Abu Khattalah, a Libyan militia member, according to The Washington Post.

In other words, the suspect is a Libyan citizen over whom the U.S. has zero legal jurisdiction.

Second, the DOJ sealed the charges in secret federal court documents.

That means justice-hungry Americans don’t have any access to information about the suspect’s alleged role in the siege.

Third, the charges are listed as a “criminal complaint.”

If the charges are “criminal,” any military retaliation for the attack becomes invalid. 

The sole responsibility of seeking justice for the Americans who were killed on 9-11-12 is now in the hands of nameless secret courts.

Finally, the timing of the announcement is very suspicious.

Two weeks ago, Obama took a public opinion hit for calling Benghazi a “phony scandal” in the face of a furious Benghazi victim’s mom.

Last week, Obama’s Administration locked down 22 U.S. embassies after intercepting a vague, yet “serious,” and “eminent” terrorist threat.

Yesterday, Obama laughed it up with Jay Leno while Americans fled the evacuated U.S. Embassy in Yemen.

Today, major media outlets report about the mysterious Benghazi suspect, charged with crimes nobody is allowed to know, who lives in a country where the U.S. can’t touch him.

You can decide for yourself what that kind of news really means.  

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