Even the President’s hometown newspaper now comes out against ObamaCare…as a secret Congressional report details a massive failure to meet the law’s self-imposed deadlines.
Another day, another dose of slap-in-the-face reality – harsh reality – painting a grim picture of ObamaCare. Delays, deferments, numerous problems, broken promises. So what’s new, right?

      Well, here’s what’s new. A brutal editorial in the President’s hometown newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, slams Obama and his monstrosity of a health care law – the editorial entitled, “How President Obama is Flouting ObamaCare” – the piece cites numerous reasons to delay and rewrite what it blasts as an ill-conceived law that the President himself is ignoring.
       But come on, Tribune, face the facts – this “ill-conceived law”, as you call it, was ill conceived because it was never intended to move beyond conception, never intended to work, never intended to perform as promised by the President.
       ObamaCare was and is a weapon of mass destruction, a devious and duplicitous device whose purpose is to destroy the American health care system…because like so much of our country’s market-based structure, the President and his progressive acolytes believe it is unfair and unjust and needs to be undone.
       ObamaCare is a weapon of mass destruction. And it’s being activated by administration operatives who try to blame their adversaries for its destructive effects. Democrats trying to blame Republicans for the law’s failures. However, as a new report from the Congressional Research Service lays out – a secret report, by the way – the Obama administration itself has missed at least half the statutory deadlines ObamaCare specifies. Some of these deadlines have gone unmet for months, even years.
       And this report was prepared before the latest round of administration delays of major elements of ObamaCare. But again, so what? So it’s not working…or is it? The weapon of mass destruction IS working, not as a big blast but as a series of incremental but significant implosions.
       And when the American health care system is sufficiently damaged, as Harry Reid has boldly declared, single payer will ride to the rescue – single-payer, the government-controlled ultimate and always goal envisioned by the ruling class of elite overlords. Who, as we have recently learned, have fairly well exempted themselves from the burdensome effects of ObamaCare that the rest of us have to endure.