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Jesse Jackson is always outraged and ready to march for justice when anybody is murdered in an act of senseless violence no matter the victim’s skin color, right?  Maybe not…

Rev. Jackson finally offered a response to the shooting of the white Australian student attending college in the U.S., Chris Lane, allegedly killed by two black teens accompanied by their white 17 year-old getaway driver.

Here’s Jackson’s response via Twitter:

Jackson’s measure of grief and sympathy for Lane’s loved ones boils down to a single sentence tweet claiming they’re in his prayers and that justice should prevail.  

Mr. Jackson’s grief is so genuine that he even called Chris Lane, Chris Lee, in a separate Facebook post that echoed the content of his tweet, reports The Washington Times.

He isn’t interested in getting involved this time – no rallies, no calls for sit-ins, no community protests, no public speeches or passionate “justice” sermons.

President Obama isn’t claiming that if he had a son, he’d look like Chris.

Don’t expect any demands from Eric Holder’s DOJ to fully investigate the situation and bring the black teens to the full measure of justice even if a jury were to acquit them.

You can decide for yourself why this case is less important to these men than the unfortunate shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Maybe the cause of their relative indifference starts with the word, racial, and ends with the word, politics?