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A lesbian Air Force commander ordered a sergeant to disclose whether he believes people who oppose gay marriage are discriminatory. When he refused to answer the question, the 19-year veteran Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk of the Air Force was demoted.

“I was relieved of my position because I don’t agree with my commander’s position on gay marriage.  We’ve been told that if you publicly say that homosexuality is wrong, you are in violation of Air Force policy.”

Although a spokesman for the Lackland Air Force Base public affairs office tells Fox News that Monk was not penalized and that his assignment was over, a string of events suggest otherwise.

It all started when Monk returned from deployment –He had a new commander–an open lesbian superior, Fox New reports.

From the beginning, Monk knew that it was going to be a difficult, seeing that his new commander was an open homosexual who despised those in opposition.

The test finally came when Monk was asked to advise the commander on a disciplinary matter involving an instructor who was accused of opposing gay marriage. Monk couldn’t find fault with the instructor.

From that point on, Monk became a target. His commander told him that if he didn’t get his act together he would have to work somewhere else.

Finally, Monk was ordered to answer the question in whether people are guilty of discrimination if they object to gay marriage.

Monk says:

“I refused to answer the question.”

Thus ended his military career.

Monk explains:

“I was essentially fired for not validating my commander’s position on having an opinion about homosexual marriage.”

Monk knew that he couldn’t, in his right conscience, answer the question the way his commander wanted, so he refused and faced the penalty.

In other words, it’s okay to penalize someone who exercises their freedom of speech and opposes homosexuality, but it is wrong to penalize someone who slanders Christianity.

Double standards appear to be on the menu in Obama’s America.