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Curiosity – The New York Times scathing investigative expose of the Clinton Foundation, the longtime project of Bill and Hillary. It’s a detailed and devastating critique of an organization gone wild, according to the Times, as the paper raises all sorts of serious questions about ethics and finances involving tens of millions of dollars that passed through the Clintons’ control.

Curious that this scorching disclosure would come from the New York Times, the usually reliable bastion and defender of liberality. Curious as to the timing of the Times article, considering that Hillary Clinton is all but certain to run for President, and that her campaign apparatus is likely to be raised up and tangled up in the Clinton Foundation. We’ll be curious also to see if this expose is the end of it, or simply the beginning of more to come on the shady, shenanigans-filled world in which the Clintons move and shake.

Curiosity number two – the freaked-out furor over the Obama clown. That rodeo entertainer at the Missouri State Fair who wore an Obama mask in a poke-fun-at-the-president skit with a bull. The firestorm that’s erupted, with the clown being banned for life from performing at the Fair, with cries of racism, calls for a federal investigation, and required sensitivity training for members of the Missouri Rodeo Clown Association – this mass hysteria is quite a curiosity.

So, it’s ok to make incessant fun of former President George W. Bush, to ridicule and roast Bush mercilessly, but Barack Obama is off limits…a protected species…an exalted untouchable whom one dare not make fun of at the risk of offending the righteous guardians of political correctness that’s now elevated to the absurd point where mockery is blasphemy?

Curious that this clownish episode seems to fit right in with the leftist offensive to crush anything seen as offensive to their dear leader – the progressive campaign to stifle dissent and silence those who would dare diminish their deity.

By the way, Texas Congressman Steve Stockman has invited the Obama clown to perform at a rodeo in his district. Stockman saying, “Disagreeing with speech is one thing. Banning it and ordering citizens into reeducation classes for mocking a liberal leader is another.”

Curiosity and criticism on the immigration front. As pro-amnesty forces rally around the country…as members of congress – a few of them at least – face fired-up, immigration-concerned constituents at town halls…there’s a major development at DHS that’s, curiously, not gotten much media attention.

Outgoing DHS Secretary Napolitano has named one of her long-time associates as acting director of ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The appointment of thirty-eight year old John Sandwig is being met with strong criticism by some insiders because – get this – Sandwig is a criminal defense attorney with zero law enforcement experience, who is now running the nation’s second-largest law enforcement agency.

Napolitano’s pick is a highly political, left-leaning activist who, if made the permanent head of ICE, could well play a major, even a defining role in shaping how any immigration reform law is enforced…or not.