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More proof that ObamaCare is a failure that was never intended to succeed. So why do Democrats say they fully intend to campaign next year on the benefits of the President’s health care takeover scheme?

Piece by piece, ObamaCare is falling apart. One more wheel—a big one—has come off the O’care train in the form of yet another delay—another costly provision of the health law—its caps on out-of-pocket insurance costs—will be delayed for a year. This means individuals and businesses face the very costly prospect of having to shell out more money—more of their own money—before ObamaCare kicks in and those out-of-pocket healthcare costs are capped. So, one more of the President’s key promises broken.

And yet, top Democrats don’t seem all that upset. In fact, some appear rather sanguine, almost cheery. Obama, as we all know, is enjoying another taxpayer funded vacay in luxurious surroundings. And key Congressional Dems in just the last few days have said they’re enthusiastically looking forward to campaigning in 2014 on the wonders of O-care.

The wonders of ObamaCare—what, one wonders, are these? Since virtually every promise has been shattered—every promise the President made about the benefits of ObamaCare…since health insurance premiums continue their skyward climb…since public opinion of the law continues its downward spiral…how on earth could Democrats continue to embrace ObamaCare and expect to win elections?

Here’s how: by focusing the blame for the law’s failure on everyone and everything but the law itself. Blame the Republicans who have battled its implementation and who want to defund it. Blame the states that have dragged their feet in setting up the mandated insurance exchanges. Blame the insurance companies that just aren’t cooperating with the intent of the law and are refusing to participate in those state exchanges.

In short, blame the system. Political self-interest. Cruel capitalism. Unfair free-markets. Medical industry greed. And when the people are sufficiently deceived and desperate, then let government ride to the rescue with the solution that devious Democrats wanted all along. Single-payer. A government-run, Washington-driven, single-payer panacea. Ah, yes, rather than healing America’s health care system, ObamaCare will have killed it. And from the ashes of purposeful collapse rises the phoenix of Barack Obama’s new America.

Harry Reid said it a few days ago—single-payer is and has been the goal. So the hurried-up hodgepodge of supposedly well-meaning but woefully flawed rules and regulations that is ObamaCare…it’s a train that was always intended to come off the rails…to let masterminded, overlord democrats crash the system and impose their solution.