Incredible Gun Rights Video: Michigan Sheriff’s Deputy Arrests Man for Having an Unloaded Shotgun on His Own Property

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Yesterday, a veteran named Thomas Donald published a YouTube video that shows his forcible detention at the hands of Michigan Sheriff’s Deputies. 

What was his crime?  He was carrying an unloaded shotgun on his own property after calling the police to remove an unwelcome trespasser from his land, reports The Blaze.

Mrs. Donald began recording the incident and the deputies demanded that she stop recording and delete the footage.

Mrs. Donald listened to their instructions and later retrieved the video.  Here’s the 36 second video that Crawford County deputies don’t want you to see:

According to The Blaze, the family had numerous signs posted around their 10 acre property that said “No Trespassing.”

After Mr. Donald and his 11 year-old son returned from a hunting trip, they noticed a suspicious dirtbike rider on their land.  They detained him and called the deputies.

Soon after he placed the call, Mr. Donald saw the deputies coming. He peacefully raised his open shotgun in one hand and held the shell in the other to show the deputies that he presented no threat.

In a cruel twist of logic and reason, Mr. Donald was treated like a criminal – not the trespasser!

UPDATE: A legal defense fund and advocacy group has just been set up to help Thomas Donald defend himself and his family against the deputies’ unconstitutional assault on his Second Amendment rights.  If you would like to learn more, here’s the Facebook page.