Libyan Terrorists Steal American Special Ops Military Vehicles and Weapons!

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Yesterday, Fox News released a startling report that announced the recent theft of American military weapons from Libya is much worse than originally assessed.

State Department and U.S. military sources are now confirming the terrorist seizure of hundreds of guns and dozens of Special Operations transports called GMVs – Ground Mobility Vehicles, reports Fox News.

The weapons that were stolen by extreme pro-Shari’a Salafist Muslims include 100 Glock pistols and more than 100 M-4 rifles.  The terrorists also stole an undisclosed number of night vision goggles.

The American GMVs that were captured from the Libyan government are the special operations’ version of Humvees, which replaced older jeeps.  

These transports have more armor than their traditional Army counterparts, better tires, a higher ground clearance, a more powerful engine, better storage provided by a larger bed, and it can tow a 4,200 LBS vehicle with one wench.

GMVs also have state-of-the-art on-board GPS to ease land navigation.  They are armed with machine guns, fragmentation grenade launchers, and smoke grenade capacity.

The theft of these kinds of U.S. assets represents a grave threat because they can be used to ambush U.S. and allied forces. 

One military source who asked to have his name withheld for security reasons told Fox:

It’s not just equipment … it’s the capability. You are giving these very dangerous groups the capability that only a few nations are capable of… It’s already bad. … and now it’s really bad.”