Looming Government Shutdown Hovers Over Obamacare Funding Feud

Sep 13, 2013

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If Congress doesn’t pass a new budgetary continuing resolution by Sept. 30, basic government operations will come to a grinding halt.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is leading Conservatives to force a government shutdown unless his Congressional colleagues agree to strip budgetary legislation of all Obamacare funding, reports Breitbart News.

House Conservatives are refusing to vote on a Continuing Resolution because it included only a mere symbolic statement of disapproval for Obamacare – not rejection of $13 billion in appropriated funds!

Individual state health exchanges, where citizens can theoretically shop for Obamacare-approved health insurance, are supposed to open on Oct 1.  According to Breitbart, three months later, health insurance will be mandatory for all Americans.

Cruz hopes that stripping the continuing resolution of $13 billion legislatively appropriated funds will stop Obamacare’s full implementation because the elements of the program that would be covered by those funds are critical to Obamacare’s basic functions.

Only time will tell who comes out on top in the waiting game.