BREAKING: Obamacare Fine Print Mandates You Agree Personal Information Can be Turned Over to Law Enforcement and Auditors

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Imagine a police officer, tax agent or federal law enforcement agent knowing every single detail about your personal health. Even worse, imagine they can access bank data, application information, etc. Every single piece of data that is fed into the Obamacare exchange can, according to the fine print in the privacy policy, be shared with law enforcement and auditors.

Sound vague? That’s because it is.

Via Weekly Standard, here’s a direct quote from the privacy policy on the Maryland exchange website.

Should you decide to apply for health coverage through Maryland Health Connection, the information you supply in your application will be used to determine whether you are eligible for health and dental coverage offered through Maryland Health Connection and for insurance affordability programs. It also may be used to assist you in making a payment for the insurance plan you select, and for related automated reminders or other activities permitted by law.  We will preserve the privacy of personal records and protect confidential or privileged information in full accordance with federal and State law. We will not sell your information to others.  Any information that you provide to us in your application will be used only to carry out the functions of Maryland Health Connection. The only exception to this policy is that we may share information provided in your application with the appropriate authorities for law enforcement and audit activities. 

That last sentence leaves a lot of gray area. There is no specification of what agencies will have access to the data. There is no mention of state vs, federal, for example, and there is no language barring certain law enforcement use.

Essentially, the language leaves the system wide open for interpretation.