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Epic Shock Video – U.S. Marine Tells John McCain to His Face, “You Should Be Arrested & Tried for Treason!”

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) thinks he can win another election after supporting Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria and pushing for American troops to join their cause!

As McCain makes his way to various AZ town hall meetings, he’s encountering stiff opposition for his constant advocacy of Islamist rebels.

The verbal brawl between the Marine and the senator that’s depicted in the video happened last month, but the clip is only surfacing now.

A Marine named Blaine Cooper called McCain a traitor for arming America’s sworn enemies who routinely kill Christians and openly slaughter women and children.

Here’s the nearly five minute exchange you have to see to believe:

  • onebyland

    The People are Counting on our veterans to SPEAK UP for us. We wanted our law enforcement to do it but they are already brainwashed to view The People as the enemy. Thank you, BRAVE VETERAN for your clarity and exposure of those who stay in office to seek to crush democracy in favor of profit.

  • Iowan

    At one time McCain was a good senator. That was long ago. When he became senile he changed completely. Great Marine call out of McCain, too bad more don’t do it and urge him to retire.

  • jesster526

    What do any of you know about world affairs except to blame president Obama? None of you are in the “inner circle” and have NO knowledge other than an opinion about such issues like war and foreign countries who are out to destroy all people and not just American’s. To stand up and read a script condemning our president along with a do-nothing Congress is the treason. I’m also a Marine and have served honorably. John McCain should have been retired long ago but the people of Arizona keep him in office and are the actual treason culprits in this dialogue. Get you facts straight – all of you – before throwing accusations at our president.

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