GOV RIOT PREPPERS: DHS Orders 240,000 Pepper Spray Projectiles, 100 Pepper Spray Launchers, And 36 “Riot Expansion Kits”

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The Department of Homeland Security, the federal agency that is quietly building a federal police force to confront Americans on homeland turf, just placed a no-bid order for some pretty serious riot gear. The order calls for high tech, fully automatic tactical pepper spray launchers.

Here’s a good rundown of what these babies can do. (12 Rounds Per Second!)

IW has more.

The total cost of the contract amounts to $498,970 dollars and mandates that delivery of the weapons will be made within 60 days of the award.

Although the contract states that the pepper spray projectiles will be used for “training purposes,” 117,000 of them are inert compared to 120,000 “Live X Projectiles,” which are the most powerful projectiles available on PepperBall’s website, and are designed to be used during riot control situations.

The “riot expansion kits” being purchased by the DHS are holsters that accompany the PepperBall products and can be used to store projectiles. According to one website, they represent, “the perfect non-lethal crowd management tool for gaining compliance over rioters, organized protesters, and unlawful assemblies,” and can be used to, “Gain psychological advantage over unruly crowds.”

The purchase of these items sends another clear signal that the DHS is preparing for some form of civil disorder.

Millions of rounds of hollow point, non-training ammunition, heavily armored military grade trucks, and high end tactical riot gear… not sure how you could draw more than one conclusion.