Must Watch Video: Jon Stewart’s Epic Obamacare Takedown – More Americans Think Obamacare Has Been Repealed Than Have Signed-Up for Healthcare!

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Now, Liberal comic, Jon Stewart, isn’t just accusing Kathleen Sebelius of lying; today, he’s mocking Obamacare itself!

Check out Jon Stewart’s hilariously accurate anti-Obamacare 10 minute rant. Here are some highlights. 

At time index 0:36, Stewart says after the shutdown, Democrats just need to execute a “mildly competent” implementation of Obamacare.  He promptly begins to explain how they’ve failed.

He flashes a photo of Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, at time index 1:00 and explains that has “99 Problems and the glitch ain’t one.”

At time index 2:00, Stewart rants about the site’s broken calculator tool and questions how that could be broken given that it’s a tool that’s been part of software construction since 1972…

From 2:37-3:00 he explains, More Americans believe Obamacare has been repealed than have actually been able to sign-up for healthcare.

At 4:20-4:37, Stewart says a major glitch in the website is that some spouses have been reported as dependent children!

Yesterday, Obama told the story of one woman who signed up for Obamacare successfully in Delaware.

From 6:13-7:00, Stewart reveals the President left out a key element of her story when he spoke about it yesterday – it took the Delaware resident seven hours to complete the Obamacare sign-up online and on the phone!

At time index 7:05, Stewart questions the intelligence of the Obama Administration for putting a pregnant Type I Diabetic in the sun next to Obama and mockingly asks why the woman fainted.

Remember, the people who didn’t realize the pregnant Type I Diabetic shouldn’t be standing in the sun for an extended period of time are now in charge of your healthcare!

Here’s the clip: