Obama Lies About HealthCare.Gov Problems and Tells People to Use Call Center Instead… Then Callers Get Busy Signals and Messages Recommending Website

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The Obamacare circus continues to roar. The latest case of Obamacare absurdity? The exchange call center collapses and tells users to go to the broken website.

Before we get to the call center problems, though, let’s have a look at Obama’s whopper of a lie about the website problems. Everyone in America should now know the problems with HealthCare.gov are related to the code architecture, NOT the traffic numbers. In fact, earlier today I wrote about the need to fix up to 5,000,000 lines of code. A fix that could kill the website until January (or later).

Barack Obama knows this. So why is he looking at the cameras and openly telling lies about it all?

Here’s what Obama said earlier today.

“Of course you’ve probably heard that healthcare.gov…hasn’t worked as smoothly as it was supposed to work. The number of people who visited the site has been overwhelming, which has aggravated some of these underlining problems.”

That is simply a lie. It’s why scaling up servers and bandwidth do nothing to stop the crashes that still happen today. The site was poorly developed and is deeply flawed at its core. Yet Obama pretends it’s all happening because it’s just so darned popular!

But it gets worse… today Obama told America to bypass the website and use the call centers.

President Obama emerged on Monday to assure Americans that the “kinks” surrounding the federal and state health-care exchanges are improving and urged consumers to call the exchange hotline if they continue to encounter problems online. 

Naturally, callers were instantly met with busy signals, blank sounds or instant disconnects and in some cases, messages telling them to use HealthCare.gov instead.

Yet, somehow Obama’s supporters still don’t understand why the rest of us don’t trust government?