Shocking Video: Low Information Voters Sign Petition to Institute Taxpayer-Funded Nazi Police State in the U.S.

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Today, political activist, Mark Dice, released a shocking man-on-the street video that exposes the sheer incompetence and gullibility of low information voters.

Watch these would-be voters sign their names to a petition that calls for “A Nazi police state” to be funded by taxpayers and implemented by authorities “to watch over us and keep everyone safe.”

The activist uses the word “Nazi” to describe the police state he’s mock-asking them to approve no fewer than six times.

Yet, these Americans still willingly give their consent!

The word “Nazi” is mentioned at the following time indexes: 0:13, 0:47, 1:39, 2:00, 3:01, 3:37. 

During time index 3:37, Dice even says the phrase, Brave New World, and the people willingly sign their names to throw away not only their future, but also give their consent to erase America’s past.

This is how freedom dies. 

Low information voters pay no attention to the lessons of history and they, through the power of the vote and the court of public opinion, allow the imposition of evil upon society in the name of justice.

Here’s the 3:44 clip: