Encouraging Video – Obama’s Former Secret Service Bodyguard Condemns Obama’s Handling of Benghazi, Says: “Phony Scandals Don’t Come Home in Body Bags!”

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Dan Bongino is a Republican running for Congress in MD.  Now that he isn’t the President’s bodyguard anymore, he’s telling everyone exactly what he thinks of Obama’s corruption and ineptitude.

Leading up to the Sept. 11, 2013 first anniversary of the siege in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador, Chris Stevens, Bongino condemned Obama’s handling of the crisis.

Bongino didn’t just condemn how Benghazi was handled on 9-11-12; he also expressed his outrage at the notion of Benghazi being called, “A phony scandal” by the Obama Administration.

Just in case you missed Mr. Bongino’s July 27, 2013 appearance on Fox News, here’s the nearly four minute interview.

During time index 2:40, Mr. Bongino explains, “Phony Scandals don’t come home in body bags with people’s names on them…”