Must Watch Mash Up Video – Senators Obama, Reid, & Biden Condemn the 2005 Republican Threat of Senatorial Filibuster ‘Nuclear Option’ Before They Pulled This Week’s 2013 Nuclear Trigger

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This week, Harry Reid (D-NV), at the urging of Barack Obama, took from Republicans, the one advantage a minority party has in the Senate – a 60 vote-proof filibuster.

Now, Democrats can effectively demolish Republican efforts to block Obama’s radical lifetime appointments to the federal judiciary with 51 votes, not 60. 

Excluding the fact that this week’s enormous power grab destroys 225 years of precedent; there’s just one problem with this week’s “nuclear option” vote – everyone that was for it now, was against it when the Republicans threatened to (but never voted to) do the same thing to the Liberals in 2005…

In fact, as noted at the end of the clip, Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) said that he “prayed to God” that Democrats would be wiser than to make the power grab they literally just made.

Yet, Vice President Biden seems happy as could be with what just happened, despite his earlier “prayer.”

What a difference 8 years and a little power seems to make for Team Obama…

Here’s the chilling clip of the usual Liberal suspects (Obama, Reid, Feinstein, Biden, etc.) in their own shocking words back in 2005: