Seven States’ Attorneys General Sue Obama’s EPA to Start Regulating Residential Wood Burning!

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If a lawsuit before the District Court in DC goes the way Obama’s EPA wants it to go, the nanny state might be telling millions of rural families in seven states they can’t burn wood this Christmas!

The Attorneys General of CT, MD, MA, NY, OR, RI, and VT have a lawsuit currently before the DC District Court asking the judiciary to make Obama’s EPA regulate residential wood burning!

According to CNS News, the petitioners filed the suit because they believe:

“…Indoor and outdoor wood-burning boilers can increase particle pollution to levels that cause significant health concerns.”

If the attorneys general win their suit, the new strict regulations will immediately impact millions of low-middle class rural citizens who depend on wood burning to survive the frigid winter!

The Census Bureau’s 2011 American Housing Report reveals that 2.4 million American homes – that’s 12 percent of every home in the nation, utilizes wood-burning devices for heating and cooking.

If the EPA begins regulating these devices, these citizens will be forced to spend thousands of dollars they don’t have to upgrade their current heaters or buy entirely new devices to meet a new arbitrary federal standard.

Dr. John Dunn, a lawyer, physician and policy adviser for the Heartland Institute, believes the EPA hopes to lose in court so they can begin regulating wood emissions in these seven states by invitation.

Once they’ve begun regulating wood burning, Dr. Dunn fears they won’t stop until they’ve outright banned wood burning all together.