Shocking Video – ESPN Guest Commentator Slams Sports Industry for Displays of Patriotism at Games & Calls National Anthem a “War Anthem”

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Prof. Kevin Blackiston teaches Journalism at the University of Maryland.  Apparently, he isn’t a fan of American patriotic expressions during professional and collegiate sporting events…

According to The Blaze, during his appearance on ESPN yesterday, Prof. Blackiston attacked sports teams who incorporate patriotic themes into uniforms and even condemned the singing of The Star Spangled Banner before games!

The MD Professor opposes any affiliation between sports teams and the military.

Blackiston doesn’t think army recruiters should have any presence at any ballpark and he doesn’t think military sacrifices should be honored during sporting events.

He directly chastised the NFL for frequently honoring the former Arizona Cardinals safety, Pat Tillman, who left his football career to become an Army Ranger after 9-11 and was later killed by friendly fire.

The professor even took aim at the NFL’s use of “military terms” (blitz, scrimmage, bomb, red zone, end zone, etc.) to describe plays on the field!

Here’s the clip you have to see to believe: