Video Report: Civilian Judge Tells Iraq War Vet, His Time in Iraq Makes Him, “A Threat to Society” & Sentences Army Sgt. to 10 Years in Prison for Defending Himself in a Bar Fight!

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Iraq War combat vet, Sgt. Andrew Chambers, struggles with PTSD.  After he came home, he defended himself during a bar fight and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Two weeks ago, Sgt. Chambers shared his now viral story of government abandonment from Ohio’s Marion Correctional Facility during an inspirational video segment called Ted Talks. 

For the first five minutes, Chambers explains that addition to being a Humvee Machine Gunner, he also cleared Improvised Explosive Devices from roads in Tikrit.

He begins to share his tragic homecoming story starting at time index 5:42. 

Sgt. Chambers went to a Veterans’ Affairs (VA) Clinic to see if someone there could help him deal with his PTSD.

After he told the government healthcare providers he was afraid he’d hurt someone, they simply gave him sleeping pills and told him to come back in six months.

Before the six months were up, someone drew a knife on him at a bar.  He drew his pistol and cleared the room without firing a shot.  He put non-combatants on the ground, disarmed the would-be assailant and “beat him.”

The judge in his civilian court case told him these unthinkable words:

“Mr. Chambers, you’re service is a double edged sword.  Your time in Iraq makes you a threat to society and I have a civil obligation to lock you up.”

Mr. Chambers concludes his story by challenging listeners to please find a veteran, be their friend and simply talk to them, because, “A lot of us just need someone to talk to.”

Here’s the viral clip: