County Sheriff Bans Department from Assisting or Working with A&E Over Their Discrimination of Phil Robertson

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You know it’s getting REALLY bad for A&E when a country sheriff says his county will not assist or work with their production teams. A&E might have gotten away with discrimination in a legal sense, but from the public’s perspective they have committed an unforgettable offense.

Via Douglas County Sentinel.

Miller announced on his personal Facebook page Friday night that A&E would no longer be welcomed to film or produce any of its programs or series with the help of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office or its facilities.

“A&E has suspended Phil Robertson for talking about his conservative Christian beliefs,” Miller wrote.” None of us are without sin and I am not judging anyone. I am sure A&E made what they believe is a good business decision. Many people who disagree with A&E might choose to remain silent and there was a time when I might have done the same, but no longer. In my mind the punishment is unreasonable.

“I know it will not matter to A&E, but it will make me feel better. A&E has produced more than a half dozen programs with the assistance of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. They will not do any more with my assistance while I am sheriff. It is time for someone other than Hollywood and the news media to stand up for what is right!”

That’s a pretty blunt and bold proclamation, and it’s the kind we’re seeing more of as this story progresses.