DOD Has Donated 165 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Armored Vehicles to Municipal Police Departments Since August Alone!

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ABC News reports the DOD has donated 165 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Armored Vehicles to local police across the nation since August!

The recent acquisition of an MRAP by municipal law enforcement in Norfolk, VA and the VA/NC border town of Currituck is contributing to the national debate over the militarization of civilian police.

According to The Virginian Pilot, Currituck, NC, the latest town to receive an MRAP as free military surplus, has a low crime rate and a population of a 25,000.

Capt. Sandy Casey of the Currituck Sheriff’s Office says police could use a MRAP to deal with unforeseen potential crisis circumstances.  She told Virginian Pilot reporters:

“Some people might ask, ‘Why do we need something like this…’[The answer is] We don’t know what could be next.  They say domestic terrorism is what local law enforcement will be dealing with.”

The captain didn’t clarify who the “they” she mentioned were; however, it isn’t a huge leap of the imagination to infer that the “they” of which she spoke were the DOD personnel who supplied her department with the MRAP…

In addition to responding to bomb threats and shooting incidents, Captain Casey explained that the MRAP (as well as eight free Humvees she also received from the DOD), “will help with rescues during flooding on the unpaved roads of the northern Outer Banks.”

Hundreds of other law enforcement leaders seem to share Captain Casey’s sentiments regarding the policing utility of having a military behemoth that’s so armored it can resist mines and so massive it only gets 5-10 miles per gallon…in diesel…

ABC News reports, “After the initial 165 of the MRAP trucks were distributed this year, military officials say police have requests in for 731 more, but none are available.”