EPIC Support for Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Explodes Across Facebook!

standwphil-buttonUPDATE: Massive petition delivery planned. Tens of thousands are swarming the official BackPhil.com petition! Click here to sign the “Stand With Phil” petition now!

UPDATE: The “We Stand With Phil” Facebook Page is Now at 150,000+ Fans!
UPDATE 2: Phil Robertson Releases Response to A&E Suspension

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For those who don’t know, earlier today a story about Duck Dynasty start Phil Robertson went viral. The story revolves around comments Robertson made about his personal sexual preference being heterosexual, not homosexual. You can read the comments online here.

Earlier this evening A&E announced, to the shock of millions of fans, that it is indefinitely suspending Phil Robertson from the show.  An explosion of outrage, calls for boycotts and massive support immediately spread across Facebook. Several pages have seen new fans to the tune of 500 per minute.

The We Stand With Phil page, for example, grew to 40,000 fans in just half an hour. The We Stand With Phil Facebook page includes contact information for A&E and provides an easy way for people to network, share information and rally in support of Phil Robertson.

Earlier this evening I asserted this was probably not a great decision by A&E. Duck Dynasty has a huge and passionate following, a very loyal fan base that views its allegiance as one with the family, not the network.

What we’re now seeing is a movement in support of Phil Robertson and its presence is very clear when it comes to Facebook.

Join the We Stand With Phil Facebook page by clicking here.


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