Obama Blunder Roundup – Four Unsettling Images from Barack Hussein Obama’s Trip to Nelson Mandela’s Funeral – Including an Obama Selfie that Enraged Michele & Sent Eric Holder Ducking!

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Yesterday, Barack Hussein Obama attended the funeral of anti-Apartheid leader, former Communist South African President, Nelson Mandela (though he, and every elected Democrat, skipped the funeral of the Conservative Titan, the Late Former British Prime Minister, Lady Baroness Margaret Thatcher.)

During the national memorial service, several reporters shot some rather disturbing images of the President that have been going viral since they hit the internet.

Here are Liberty News’ picks for the top four unsettling images…

The first image was taken by Barack Hussein Obama himself and initially tweeted by The Wire. 

It’s a selfie of Barack Obama with British Prime Minister, David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

According to The Blaze:

“U.K. newspaper The Independent wondered whether the trio would one day look back on the shot and think, ‘What on earth were we doing?  We’re world leaders, not a bunch of giggling teenagers.  We’re attending the memorial service of Nelson Mandela.  Couldn’t we have waited a bit before goofing around?’”

The second photo is a collage of Michelle Obama looking rather upset because her husband seemed to be paying a lot more attention to Denmark’s Prime Minister than she thought he should have been.

Veteran Middle Eastern Correspondent, Karl Sharro, called the tension, “A real-time soap opera.”

The third picture is a video of Barack Hussein Obama shaking hands with Cuba’s Communist dictator, Raul Castro, in contradiction to decades of American foreign policy non-engagement precedent.

What the President whispered to Castro is anyone’s guess…

The last image is a photograph tweeted from the official White House Twitter.  It shows how self-absorbed Barack Obama truly is.

Even at an event that’s supposed to be about the President paying tribute to South Africa’s deceased leader, the White House makes the moment about honoring Obama as the Administration sanctioned a tweet showing the chilling silhouette of the President rising from the shadows as crowds above him cheered his presence.