Fox News Anchor Gregg Jarrett Appears to Have Been Wasted (Drunk) on his Sunday News Show – Watch the Video and Decide!

UPDATE: Apparently Gregg Jarrett lied to me about his drinking when he called to discuss this post. Click here for details.

I have to admit I enjoy watching Gregg Jarrett’s program and I think he’s a great reporter/host. But I also have to admit that it definitely looks and sounds like he may have hit the sauce a little too hard before going on the air a couple weeks back.

The first video shows Jarrett seemingly hammered and attempting to anchor his show. The second video shows Jarrett at his usual best… sober.

What say you?

HT: Pat Dollard

NEW UPDATE MAY 22, 2014: The Associated Press is reporting Gregg Jarrett was arrested for refusing to cooperate with police. He was reportedly under the influence of alcohol.

EDIT: I’ve spoken with Gregg Jarrett by phone and he claims he was not at all inebriated.

EDIT 2: I’ve spoken with Gregg Jarrett by phone and it’s now very clear he was not at all inebriated. I’m leaving this page intact in case anyone stumbles across the story via a search engine so that anyone coming here knows the truth of the story.

I now believe, without question, Jarrett would never go on air under the influence. He’s a wonderful individual and was very pleasant to have conversations with. While I will not go in to details as to why Jarrett was slightly off his game the day of this particular broadcast, I’m 100% confident it had nothing to do with alcohol or any other substance.

I apologize if I gave the impression there was reason to believe Jarrett was under the influence during this broadcast. While the initial video did leave room to ponder his situation, I did not assert or allege anything and probably should have been more clear that I had no evidence outside the video itself.

I’ve removed the content of the original post out of respect for the truth and the integrity of Jarrett.