Profile in Courage: Meet Reverend Andrew White, the Anglican Pastor of St. George’s Church – Baghdad, Iraq

Andrew White spends every day helping Iraqi Christians and Muslims overcome their differences and work together to rebuild their country in the wake of thousands of years’ history written in sorrow, bloodshed, and war.

He isn’t a British politician, nor is he a wealthy English philanthropist.

Andrew White is an Anglican Priest from the U.K. who opened St. George’s Anglican Church – Baghdad back in 2003, in the heart of the Red Zone, reports Fox News.

Today, his church is one of several Christian outreaches that minister to the country’s 200,000 Christians who remain in Iraq from the original 1.5 million who were living there in 2003.

Pastor White’s church provides food, clean drinking water, medical supplies and even healthcare to Christians and Muslims in the region, including 600 Muslim women who have sought shelter and peace in the sanctuary before the presence of Christ.

In addition to his mission in Iraq, the reverend canon also travels to Western nations describing the plight of Iraqi Christian refugees fleeing persecution and asks Western Christians to support their Arab brothers and sisters in Christ, saying:

“There are more Iraqi Christians in Chicago than in Iraq…Chicago, Detroit and Sweden.  That’s where you’ll find Iraq’s Christians today.”

The most heartbreaking fact surrounding this modern exodus is this, reported by Fox News:

“…Both the Jewish and Christian communities in Iraq are ancient and indigenous. They are neither post-colonial nor the result of Western missionary activity.”

In short, the Christians and Jews leaving Iraq today, seeking sanctuary elsewhere, are leaving their ancestral homeland under pressure from Radical Muslims who are killing their own people in addition to Christians and Jews.

Pastor White demonstrates his love for Jesus by ministering to the felt-needs of Christians and Jews who refuse to be terrorized out of their ancestral homes by Radical Islamic terrorists.

He also shows his amazing dedication to the Gospel by providing for the human needs of Arabs whose religious practice doesn’t include violence – people who are risking their lives every day by refusing to become radicalized and participate in brutal acts of terror and insurgency.

His selfless, sacrificial courage has made him so popular among Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike that he’s become known to all three groups as, “The Vicar of Baghdad.”

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